Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making the Bus Monitor Cry

I’ve been struck today by the STAGGERING success of a fundraising campaign to support someone who has gone through hardship. I’m talking about the ‘making the bus monitor cry story’. Here’s the backstory.
As I’m writing this - the campaign has raised $390,000.
As I’m writing this - I know thousands of non-profit’s and organizations that wish they could raise money this quickly. How did this happen? Luck? Pity?
I think it’s the power of this woman’s story. In the painful video, we unfortunately watch a woman go through a measure of suffering and it impacts us in different ways. We remember back to being middle-school jerks ourselves, we recall being the brunt of jokes, and this also reminds us of our own mothers and grandmothers working to make a living. 
This compelling story hits home. Our emotions are tugged and thousands have been motivated to act.
Can you imagine how other organizations would have tried to raise vacation money for this woman? The video would start with the woman introducing herself, then show how she monitor’s on the bus, and then talk about her dream vacation. I’m not trying to say that all fundraisers need to find the ugly/tragic moments to highlight, but I think the human element has to be presented. The connection point, the reason why anyone should care, has to be seen.
This is an incredible case study. So many things to analyze: the viral aspect, the internet/online payment aspect, the fundraising aspect.PS — This is also incredible publicity for indiegogo.