Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Favorite Adventure of 2012: St. Kitts

2012 Adventures:  
- Visiting countless medical offices while recovering from a serious bike accident.
- Apartment hunting in San Francisco which most of the time can feel more like snipe hunting.
- Attending going-away, engagement, baby-on-the-way & promotion parties (just to name a few.)
- Joining a city soccer league and trying not to take it too seriously, but just serious enough.
- Jousting using golf-carts, and reveling with my father during an umentionable bachelor party.
- Meeting new relatives in the beautiful city of Seattle.
- Watching my good friend perform (and tour) with Death Cab for Cutie.

Considering all of these and more, I can unhesitatingly say that my favorite adventure of 2012 was honeymooning in St. Kitts.

Photo: The southern peninsula of St. Kitts. Unseen are the beautiful, quiet, and uncrowded beaches.

If you're heading that way and are looking for any recommendations, feel free to contact me. The same goes for if you want to learn how to joust with golf-carts, find an apartment in SF, or not get into a serious bike accident.... hint: headphones are nice but dangerous
Onward to 2013.